SS Pullover Cherry’s Company – Black



DESCRIPTION Cherry’s Company was founded by khaiciroh kurosu back in 2000. During his study in his early age, Kurosu-san studied architectural design and have worked on design for retail spaces. but in age 23, he left his career to work as a mechanic apprentice at Harley-Davidson dealership. After 5 years at Harley-Davidson, Kurosu-san founded Cherry’s Company and start everything on his own. Cherry’s Company is not all about chopper style, but also about cafe racers and board track racers. trough out its journey, Cherry’s Co built has been awarded three times in a row for best of show motorcycle at one of japan’s biggest and most internationally renowned events, Moon Eyes Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show (2012, 2013 & 2014) . Cherry’s Company shop is located in Tokyo, Japan.